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From button manufacturer to sheet-metal stamping specialist

1928 – Chaumont button factory Culobel’s history began in 1928, with the foundation of the Chaumont button factory. The buttons were pressed in metal and used primarily for uniforms.


1942 – Le Culot Belge During the Second World War, the company changed its name to “Le Culot Belge.” During
this period, the factory specialised in the more complex work of deep drawing, preparing screw sleeves for lamps.


1962 – Culobel The company’s name has been Culobel since 1962. Around that time, the evolved to
concentrate on the supply of press-work in all possible configurations of shapes and sizes. A number of our major customers from that time continue to do business with Culobel to this day. Over the years, the company has learned to adapt to its customers’ evolving requirements extraordinarily well. To this day, this flexibility continues to be an important asset for Culobel.


1976-1984 – Expansion and computerization In order to keep abreast of a continuously increasing demand, a new factory building was erected just outside the city of Aalst in 1976, a distance of 20 km from Brussels. An additional, new factory building was built eight years later, in 1984. Combined, they offer 4800 m² of production space. In a continual search for further productivity and efficient working methods, since the Seventies, Culobel has invested in computerising its administrative and logistics processes. Computer technology occupies a central position to optimising processes and reducing costs.


Innovation and modernisation

1991 – VADO In 1991, the family D’Haese accepted an offer from the Dutch financing company VADO. The
company’s management remained unchanged, to guarantee continuity both internally and for customers. The opportunity to enter into a holding structure gave new to the company’s desire to innovate.


image-231994 – ISO9001 Culobel has always paid special attention to the quality of its products. As a result the company was awarded an ISO9001 certificate in 1994. This transformed Culobel into the industry leader.


1994-1997 – Further expansion In 1994, the company decided to invest in a new ultra-modern social building which accommodates 200 people. In 1997, the capacity was further expanded with a new 2000m² warehouse.


1996-1998 – New applications Culobel did not only grow in size, it technical production methods also evolved. In 1996, the product range was expanded from simple press-work to manufacturing receivers, accumulators and oil separators for refrigeration technology. Since 1998, Culobel has also supplied parts for compressed air applications.


1999 – New machinery In 1999, to further increase the production capacity and quality and also to ensure the safety of its employees, the decision was made to fully modernize all the machinery. A total investment of 3 million Euros saw 17 new presses and robots installed and put into operation.


2001 – Culobel Czech (PV-Czech sro) Culobel took a strategically important step forward in 2001 by opening an additional branch in the Eastern part of the Czech Republic. The central European location offered new logistical options. The new production division was equipped with modern deep-drawing presses and welding robots. Building further on its experience and because of this expansion, Culobel is better equipped to respond to the market and to further enhance its strong competitive position.


image-3Summer of 2006 – Culobel Assembly is founded Culobel Assembly is Culobel’s most recent division. Parts received from its own production are assembled here to produce a finished product, incorporating components purchased by Culobel or provided by the customer. The assembly can be carried out by both screwing and spotwelding. The assembly is carried out both in Belgium and in the Czech Republic. Culobel Assembly is strongly supported by our new China Sourcing Office in Shanghai for the sourcing of components. Our assembly division also allows customers to assemble, finish and (finally) pack ready-to-use products under their own label. An additional important advantage is that Culobel manages the logistics of both in-house components and delivered parts.


New offices in the Czech Republic The new office buildings became operational at the end of 2006 at our production site in the Czech Republic. In fact it consists of two entirely renovated blocks linked by a new construction. With this, an important step in modernising the Czech office has been completed.


October 2007 – “Culobel on the move”: Culobel is 80 years young! Gala evening in the refurbished offices at Culobel NV (headquarters of the CULOBEL GROUP): the new Belgian building was officially inaugurated on 4 October 2007 in the presence of the media, our customers and suppliers.


Summer of 2014 – Expansion of our Czech office! Two additional shop floors were put into use this summer, adjacent to the existing ones. This has increased the total production capacity to more than 13000 m².