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Stamping and Deep Drawing division

Our production divisions are equipped with more than 50 mechanical and hydraulic presses, with a capacity of up to 600 tons. We have mechanical presses with coil processing of up to 800mm width and maximum coil thickness of up to 10mm.


Pressure Vessels division

Our pressure vessels division is the most important branch with the strongest growth within our company and offers a wide range of pressure vessels for a variety of uses, especially focussed on the niche customised pressure vessels market. Small or large pressure vessels ranging from 0.75L to 200L are one of Culobel’s strengths.


Assembly division

We use parts manufactured in our own factory, together with components bought by Culobel or provided by the customer, which are assembled at our factory into a finished product.


Light Fixtures division

All light fixtures are manufactured according to your specifications. In collaboration with your design department, Culobel sources all parts, the sheet metal parts are produced in-house and delivered as finished, into the box products. In short, we offer a total solution in close collaboration with our customers.


Die Construction division

The die construction division has more than 80 years experience in designing and constructing all types of dies. We can use  our own in-house die making facilities, or if required, choose to collaborate closely with selected European and Chinese die makers.