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Die construction

Dies are an essential part of all our operational activities. In order to leave nothing to chance , Culobel decided early on to design, construct and maintain their own dies. Many years of experience in the production of dies has enabled us to respond appropriately to changing conditions, including the demand for certain types of dies, modifications to existing tools, and urgent repairs, etc.


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With more than 80 years of experience, we consider ourselves to be specialists in the construction of all types of dies. By incorporating the latest CAD developments and cutting-edge machinery, we are continuously aiming to achieve the best quality available and even greater precision.


Cost savings

To ensure the cost of new dies are kept as low as possible for our customers, we have many of our tools manufactured in Europe and China. All tools comply with the most stringent European standards and are manufactured in accordance with our own Culobel specifications. Dies are always tested in our branch in China before they are shipped to Europe.


Type of dies

  • Progression dies and transfer dies up to a length of 2000mm length. Our mechanical presses of up to 600 tons can be used to process a coil thickness of up to 8.5mm.
  • Deep draw dies: for reshaping material with a thickness of up to 10mm with high tolerance
    requirements. We have a range of presses with a pressure capacity of up to 600 tons.