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Pressure vessels

The pressure vessels division is one of the most important, fastest-growing branch in our company. It offers a wide range of pressure vessels for a variety of uses, focussing especially on the niche market of customised pressure vessels. Culobel is specialises in small or large production lines of pressure vessels, from 0.75L to 200L.


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We manufacture various types of pressure vessels, including:

  • Accumulators
  • Horizontal and vertical pressure vessels
  • Oil separators
  • Pressure vessels for compressed air systems / braking systems
  • Mufflers


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All tanks are CE certified and comply with the strict regulations of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 2014/68/EU).


Culobel has accumulated all the engineering knowledge required for the development of new pressure vessels in accordance with European legislation (PED), using best-in-class welding technology. All production processes make use of the highest possible degree of automation.


The components used for the construction of tanks are manufactured internally by Culobel. For many years, our specialised core business has been focused on heavy-duty deep-drawing activities. Hydraulic presses of up to 600 tons are used to deep draw or form the shells. Other components which we supply include; connections, piping, fixtures, brackets, and valves.


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After deep cleaning and degreasing, the parts are welded together by robots, each servicing four stations simultaneously.


All assembled tanks are exhaustively tested on our internally developed test benches, using compressed air of up to 65 bar. If the test pressure is higher, hydraulic safety tests are carried out to ensure there are no leaks.


Culobel can provide a range of different finishing options. Simple wet-coating, powdercoating or top-quality polyester coating, we can apply your preferred choice. The pressure vessels are then finished according to your specifications.