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Stamping and Deep Drawing

Culobel Group has more than 50 mechanical and hydraulic presses with a capacity of up to 600 tons.


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Die Cutting and Bending

Flat products are stamped out of sheet or strip material, for further use in deep-drawing or bending processes. Each separate phase can be carried out manually or, alternatively, Culobel can make use of robots to carry out these processes automatically.


Stamping with progressive tools

Sheet metal stamping that is more complex in terms of shape requires a number of consecutive steps. These different steps are performed using progressive dies or transfer dies that combine die cutting, bending and deep drawing. Our presses can handle press work of up to 600 tons and automatically process tape metal with a thickness of up to 10mm.


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Deep Drawing

Culobel specialised in deep drawing of products from flat material, using hydraulic presses. With our hydraulic presses of up to 600 tons, we can deep draw flat blanks with a thickness of up to 10mm.


Commonly processed raw materials

Stainless steel/Inox: RVS 304, 316L, 316 TI, 310, 321, 430,…

Steel: S235JRG2 (ST 37), S355JRG2 (ST 52-3), DC-01, DC-04, DC-05, DC-06, S700 MC, QSTE380, 1.7335, ST 12-03 en ST 14-03, DD11,DD13,…

Galvanised steel sheets: DX51DZ140 / 275 , DX53DZ140 / 275

Aluminium: AL 99,5, ALMg3