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Culobel Group

From a sole proprietorship in Aalst (Belgium) in 1928, CULOBEL has grown into an  internationally-oriented SME, with branches in Belgium, the Czech Republic and  China. With its finger constantly on the pulse, CULOBEL is always open to  further expansions when this would add value both for our company and to our  customers.

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Culobel’s market position is closely linked to the company’s long-term vision. We continuously link up our experience to the latest technology. In order to make possible the necessary investments, we must maintain the company’s good financial health and carefully select solvent and established partners. Sustainable relations are the foundation for a stable and profitable situation for all concerned parties. The key to Culobel’s strategy is customer support.


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The CULOBEL GROUP is managed by a triumvirate Management Team:

  • Dhr. Mark D’Haese: CEO
  • Mevr. Katrien D’Haese: CFO
  • Dhr. Wim De Coninck: Technical Director