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Culobel as a company

Specialist sheet metal stamping since 1929

From its origins as a one-man business in Aalst (Belgium) in 1929, Culobel has grown into an internationally oriented SME that now has branches in Belgium, the Czech Republic and China. Culobel always has its finger on the pulse, and is receptive to the idea of further possible expansion if this were to yield added value both for our company and for our customers.

Culobel’s market position is closely associated with the company’s long-term view. We always link our experience to the latest technology. In order to make the necessary investments possible, we have to make sure the company’s financial position remains sound and therefore we opt to work with creditworthy, well-renowned partners. Lasting relations are the cornerstone for a stable, profitable situation for all parties concerned. At Culobel, the key to this strategy is customer support.

The CULOBEL GROUP is run by a four-strong executive team:

  • Mr. Mark D’Haese: CEO
  • Mr. Bart Verbrugge: Commercial director
  • Ms. Katrien D’Haese: Financial director
  • Mr. Wim De Coninck: Technical director


Underpinned by its overall worldview, Culobel aims to grow into a sound, reliable partner for its customers and employees.

Culobel wants to be creative in its market approach, processes, products and organisation, and thereby be able to grow with its customers and capitalise on new demands arising in the market.

We believe in a “connected” approach, always striving to be as close to our customers as possible, both geographically and technologically, in order to provide them with the most flexible yet sustainable support.


  • 1929 Establishment of the Chaumont button factory. The buttons were pressed in metal and intended primarily for uniforms.
  • 1942 During the Second World War the company changed name and became Le Culot Belge. In this period the factory specialised in the more difficult deep drawing work: the manufacture of screw sleeves for lamps.
  • 1962 From 1962 onwards the company was called Culobel. By this time the business had evolved into the simple supply of press-work articles in all possible shapes and sizes. A number of the most prominent clients at this time still do business with Colubel today.
  • 1976-1984 In order to continue to meet the ever increasing demand, a new factory hall was built in 1976 just outside the city of Aalst, 20 km from Brussels, and this was followed by another eight years later, in 1984. Together the two factory buildings represent a production surface area of 4,800 m².
  • 1991 In 1991 the D’Haese family decided to accept an offer made by the Dutch investment company VADO. The management remained unchanged, meaning continuity both internally and vis-à-vis the clients was guaranteed.
  • 1994 Culobel has always devoted a great deal of attention to the quality of its products. In 1994 these efforts were rewarded with ISO9001 certification, making Culobel a trendsetter in its line of business.
  • 1994-1997 Still in 1994 the company invested in a new ultra-modern social building accommodating 200 people. In 1997 capacity was further extended with the addition of a new warehouse of 2,000 m².
  • 1996-1998 Culobel grew not only in size but also in terms of its technical production possibilities. In 1996 the product range was increased from simple presswork to include the manufacture of receivers, accumulators and oil separators for refrigeration engineering. In 1998 Culobel also started supplying parts for compressed-air applications.
  • 1999 In order to increase production capacity and quality still further and also to guarantee the safety of its staff, the company decided in 1999 to thoroughly overhaul and modernise its machinery. With a total investment of EUR 3 million, 17 brand new presses and robots were installed and commissioned.
  • 2001 In 2001 Culobel took a strategically important step forward with the start-up of an additional plant in the east of the Czech Republic – a central location in Europe offering new logistical opportunities. The new production department is equipped with modern deep draw presses and welding robots. Building further on its experience and thanks to this expansion, Culobel can adjust to market conditions even more effectively and continue to enhance its solid competitive position.
  • 2014 In the summer of 2014 two additional production halls were brought into use alongside the existing ones in our Czech plant, thus raising total production capacity to more than 13,000m².
  • 2016 In the summer of 2016 a pre-treatment and powder-coating line was brought into use in the Czech Republic so as to meet our customers’ increasingly exacting requirements. Our manual powder-coating booth for prototypes and smaller series also dates from this period.
  • 2019 Further to the demand for production of ever larger pieces, the management decided to invest in an automated press line of 3 x 630 ton presses.