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Culobel news

Culobel 90 years in business

12 August 2019

As of this year, Culobel Group has been in sheet metal stamping business for more than 90 years. This occasion gives us the opportunity to thank all our clients and therefore we are proud to announce our first group movie. You can view the movie here.

Open day @ our factory PV-Czech

6 September 2018

Our factory PV-Czech in Frýdlant nad Ostravicí opens its doors to everyone on Sunday 30 September 2018 at 1.30PM. Do not hesitate to join us that day. Place to be is PV-Czech s.r.o., Snozina 400, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí.

In-house pretreatment & powder coating line

1 August 2016

image-54In 2015 Mark D’Haese, CEO of the Culobel Group, decided to invest in an in-house pretreatment and powder coating line. In one of Culobels major divisions, the pressure vessels, most of the parts are sent externally to be painted. Next to this we also have other pressed parts which have to be painted on a regulary base.


There are several advantages why we invested in this total new automatic pretreatment & painting line. First of all we, depend on the lead times and capabilities of our supplier. Secondly this is an important chain of the production process and in order to avoid quality issues we feel that this process must be in our hands. Thirdly this gives us advantages in time & cost.

Mark stated: “Since the client expects more and more quality assured pressure vessels for a reasonable price, we believe this will become our major advantage for the future in making pressure vessels. Another thing is that this new in-house pretreatment & powder coating line is also capable to make all other sorts of parts and not only pressure vessels.”

Launch of CNC department

10 June 2015

image-52Due to a large request of our existing customers in small batched as well as for our own production, Culobel decided in 2012 to invest more in CNC machinery.  Next to our existing CNC punching & bending machinery, Culobel installed today the Amada Pulsar 2415 NT.

This Amada laser machine has the latest developments in machine, CNC and laser resonator technologies. In contrast to the traditional “jack-of-all-trades” laser cutting machine, the Pulsar 2415 NT is a specialist in high production of short run sheet metal parts.


If you are interested or want more information about our CNC possibilities, do not hesitate to contact us via


27 January 2015


Culobel, a strong and dynamic international supplier to the technology sector, has choosen Glovia G2 as  ERP software to support its business and growth. Due to a continuous evolution of raw material prices and different currencies depending of our or the clients company, Culobel relies on Glovia G2 now to manage this rather complex administrative and logistic processes from ordering, over invoicing and after sales service.


The implementation of Glovia G2 in Culobels’ headquarters is now succesfully installed and our IT-manager Anthony Van den Bossche expects we will need one year to complete the whole transition. After a successfull run, this system will also be installed in our production plant in Frydlant nad Ostravice (Czech Republic).

26 July 2014


As of summer 2014, our Culobel Production plant in Czech Republic expands with 4000m².

23 November 2006

About five years ago, Culobel started a small production unit in South Moravia, Czech Republic, called PV-czech.
With its 15 people, a few presses and a welding robot, it supported the mother company in Belgium.
Nowadays, PV-czech is called Culobel CZ, and has turned into a modern, well-equipped company with 120 trained employees. We carry an ISO-9001 certificate, and produce vessels, sheet-metal as well as assemblies for several multinational customers.


In order to support this growth, we have renovated our existing buildings, and added new offices as well as comfortable, modern social facilities for our employees. By this addition we have created one building with separated divisions, and a clear flow.


To celebrate this moment we are inviting the official authorities, as well as our most valued customers, shareholders & business friends to visit us, witness our operations, and meet the people behind our company. This celebration moment takes place on November 23rd ’06.

28 February 2006

Today, we received our building permit for the contruction of a new office building in Aalst. This building will be erected in front of the existing factory. Along with this investment, a full renovation will take place of the BE-factory, as well as the addidtion of two loading docks. The construction activity will start at once, and should be finished by the end of this year.

10 February 2005

In order to follow the rapidly growing business, the Culobel direction developed an ambitious investment plan, for both the Belgian as the Czech plant.
As a first step, Culobel bought a 400T mechanical press “Müller-Weingarten”. The press has a table from 2000 by 1300mm. The press will be installed in the Czech plant. Initially the press will be used for combined manual operations. However, in the near future the press will be equipped by a straightening-decoiling line, in order to allow automatic processes as well. The press is due by September 2005.